Spiral Pikaki

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The delicate scent of Hawaiian Jasmine, known as Pikaki

The Pikaki flower is known for its heavenly fragrance. The flower is a delicate pink blossom which must be "very gently and respectfully" plucked from the plant. If the plant is ravished, as by attempting to break a stem, the plant will immediately send out a stench, that smells like skunk.

Product sold as shown (by Whole Loaf only), each loaf weighs 2.8 lbs, and will yield up to 18 slices of approximately 2.5 oz bars. The loaf measure 14.25 in. by 2.75 by 1.75 in.

Quantity discounts are 5 to 11 = 5% and 12 and up are discount at 10%.
Each loaf is handmade, so please allow us at least 1 week to make the soap. We will contact you if we need more time during peak periods.
We are located in PA, so for anyone located West or South of the Mississippi....priority shipping is still the cheapest (2 to 3 days)will get up to 5 loaves in the "One Rate Priority" box (they may be cut in half to fit into the box)